Monday, March 12, 2012

ATM ding ding ding

Sights and Sounds and Security Issues
at OLG Slots
Monday, March 12
8:00 - 8:45 a.m.

ding ding ding ding ding ding

Asian Princess
Heart of Gold
50 Lions
Wolf Run
Code Red
Golden Goddess


Sign: "Winner's Circle Rewards"


A woman in bright earrings and a fake fur parka plays a machine called Kitty Glitter.

Sign: "OLG Slots & Casinos -- Bet You'll Have Fun!!"


A few guys play two machines at a time.
2 cent machines
5 cent machines
penny machines
(What's the harm??)

Wild Blue
Silver Raven

I notice the security guard following me, eventually he stops me, asks what I'm doing.
I say I'm trying to figure things out, I'm new to this, I say.
But the notebook, what's that for?
I'm writing down names of machines, I explain. They're kind of funky, don't you think?
He doesn't answer.

Starlight Fire
Quick Strike Major
Fire Opals
White Orhcid
Red Lions
Wild Wolf
Miss Kitty
Tiki Talk


Harelquin Hearts

An older man in a plaid cap plays Chieftans.

Triple Lucky
Triple 777
Triple Stars
Triple Slingo
Mermaid's Gold

The security guard sidles up to me again, arms folded over his chest, says he's never seen anyone writing things down in here before.
I say I'm sure he hasn't.

Live Lobsters

Nowhere to sit except at machines.


I sit down at Pelican Pete and when a passing drink server asks if she can get me anything, I ask if she can tell me how the machines work. She's happy to help and it's very simple, I discover; but then, it would have to be, wouldn't it?


I play 30 cents worth then cash out.

Sun and Moon
African Diamonds
Golden Theatre Deluxe (takes bills from $5 to $100)
Diamond Solitaire Deluxe

Staff walk around wiping down machines, hand sanitizer is available.


I stop a moment at Jumpin' Jalapenos and a woman in a red coat sits down at the machine beside me, plays a while then leaves.

Aztec Kingdom
Leopard's Claw
Peacock Magic
Jewels of India
Siberian Storm

I notice there are exactly no machines named for anything along the lines of Contentment, Inner Wisdom, Fresh Air.

Twin Warriors
China Shores

A tall man appears, smiles, says hello, introduces himself as the manager, asks what I'm doing.
I explain. I tell him, really, he has nothing to worry about.
As he walks away, he says he doesn't worry about much.
There is worry in his voice as he says it.

Gold Gold Gold
Diamonds Dublin


Instant Riches
Full Moon Diamond
Ontario Problem Gamblling Helpline above the BET MAX and SPIN AGAIN buttons


Capricorn Mountain
Eleven Pearls (I play this, win a dollar and cash out immediately)
Yellow Brick Road
Glinda the Good Witch

The floor manager, a woman this time, comes over, says hello, tries to get a look at my notebook, asks what I'm doing.
I tell her I'm fascinated by the way the place is set up, how the machines work, their names; I point out I've played a few.
She looks concerned.
I smile, tell her not to be.
She says she's not but she can't stop trying to sneak a peek at my notebook.

Wicked Riches
Jack Pot Vegas Hits
Peacock Magic (played this and lost 15 cents)
Twin Win

The coat check cum snack counter cum lottery ticket kiosk mostly sells tickets; no one checks their coat, they don't even take them off at the machines, maybe to reassure themselves they won't be there long enough to bother.


Fort Knox
Crystal Forest
Wild Wild Safari
Paraoh's Contest
Lucky Fountain
Stand & Deliver
Gold Fish

The same machine you use to redeem your winnings, breaks large bills just in case you'd like to stick around another minute or two while a video-screen shows well-dressed people laughing, chatting, hands raised in the air in victory; none of them wear coats.


But in reality no one chats
No one laughs
No one even smiles
Nor makes eye contact with another
Except the men and women who wander about asking if all is well and would you like a drink.

Rock Star Sevens
Triple American Spirit
Triple Charms

After 45 minutes I redeem my ticket; total losses = 25 cents. (started with $5.00, leaving with $4.75)

I pass the floor manager on the way out, tell her I'm leaving, that she can relax.
She laughs (a mixture of relief and confusion), then says Oh, that's okay, stay as long as you like.

Red Hot Fusion
Planet Moolah

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