Wednesday, March 3, 2010

open window, no screen

2nd Floor, Hotel,
Santiago, Chile
February 24, 2010

Open window, no screen, sheers tied back with yellow plastic bag (once held goat cheese, fruit, homemade bread); makeshift patio, chairs pulled up, wine (Chilean sauv blanc) poured; A/C unit nests in window box, thick wires bound with duct tape, horns honk, cabs hailed, u-turns made, people pass, pass each other, cars too, noise noise; large trees, leaves like maple, line street, green grass embankment next to always brown river, bikes, cellphones next to ears, cars cars, tires, horns, noise, laptops slung heavy over shoulders, man, ragged, steps into bushes, turns hunched back to street, pulls wallet from pocket, counts pesos, coins only, no bills.

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